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Battambang Cambodia

Battambang, Cambodia

From the intriguing bamboo train ride to the massive Phnom Sempeu mountains, Battambang may not possess the charm and lovely beaches nor the capital city rush, but it's sure a perfect place to unwind. Just five hours drive from the ever busy Cambodia capital, Phnom Penh, lies this lovely sprawling town just by the Sangker river. With lots of ancient architectural locations and rivers which draws tourist from all around Asia and beyond. Battambang which is Cambodia second largest city boast of quite a lot of Boutique styled hotels with some of the prices going for as low as $10 for a night. Some of these hotels may not be top standard, but they certainly leave visitors with a Cambodian experience.

  • Maisons Wat Kor - With a certificate of excellence from Tripadvisor, this boutique resort with a traditional Khmer decor is definitely a great place to stay in Battambang. Although, it is a situated in the outskirt of the city in a small village this has not deterred visitor from staying there. With four-course meal going for as low as $12, this is definitely a good place for those with low budgets. Maisons Wat Kor has played host to high-profile guests such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. This boutique resort also features free wifi, outdoor swimming pool, free parking, and air-conditioned rooms.
  • Battambang Resort - The quality of this resort located in Wat Ko Village leaves visitors in awe. With a botanical garden with lots of tropical flowers and fruit trees, Battambang resort is definitely worthy of its status as an upscale resort. Free wifi, free parking, air-conditioned rooms and a free breakfast included in the cost are one of the many perks offered by this resort. With standby tour guide on the ground at a reasonable price coupled with the nice meal prepared from fresh foods.
  • Sanctuary Villa - Serenity and peace are one of the benefits visitors get when they reside at Sanctuary Villa. Like the name implies, this hotel offers quite a lot in comparison to its price. With finely cultivated Zen gardens, a nice pool that gives it the green haven look which creates a feeling of being in the middle of the rain forest. The atmosphere adds to its beauty. If you searching for a bit of luxury at a low price, then this hotel is definitely a great place.


Battambang may be quite underdeveloped with its status as Cambodia second largest city, but that doesn't rule out the fact that it is loaded with hidden fun. With a serene and free from pollution and traffic, this city is definitely a nice place to hide for the weekends. With hotels going for like $10 per night, this is definitely a place that meets any budget no matter how little.