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Kampot Sunset

Kampot City and Hotels in Kampot, Cambodia

The name Kampot located in a small country called Cambodia may not be mentioned when tourist locations big names are being mentioned, but this doesn't dispute the fact that it is a lovely place. This beautiful town which is just around 600 miles from Singapore is possessed gamut of nature wonders. From the breathtaking Povokvil Waterfalls to the intriguing Green Elephant Mountains, Rabbit Island down to the famous Bokor Hill station. This provincial capital located in the Southwest of the Country is blessed with nature goodness. With thousands of tourist trooping in each month to have a feel of what this little town offers. With many visitors traveling thousands of miles across the world to view ancient French Colonial Architecture or to get a taste of the famous Kampot pepper. One great fact about this little town is the fact exploring these tourist locations won't need you to break your bank account. Just as there are wonderful natural tourist areas, there are also nice and affordable hotels for tourist and visitors. Here some of the finest Hotels in Kampot, Cambodia;

  • Villa Vedici - This natural garden styled result which has been nicknamed as expat favorite is quite wonderful and affordable. With prices starting at $30 for a room per night, this little hotel comes with a lot of features such as free wifi, game room, table tennis, swimming pool, and a bar. With the hotel just facing the Kampot riverfront, the guest is able to view and experience nature finest from the windows of their rooms.
  • Two Moons Hotel - Located in the peaceful and serene area of Kampot, this hotel with a bit of contemporary design is really worth a place in the list. Two moons hotel which is just 12 minutes walk from the city center offers guest free wifi and also private patios which offer the visitor a chance to have a feel of the sunrise and sunset views. With a large expanse of beautiful gardens, pool, and a lively bar with a performance from local every night. This hotel is quite recommended for traveling.
  • The Columns - Rated 9/10 by, this hotel is located in Kampot, and it's just two minutes walk from the Prek Kampong Bay and the Old market. Built just in front of the Kampot Riverfront which allows visitors to have a feel of the unpolluted atmosphere and serenity of the area. With free access to wifi, air- conditioned rooms with TV, coupled with a blend of both classic and modern elegant rooms. The fees are reasonable, and visitors can hire a bicycle or tour guide to take them around the area with the Bokor Hill just a 40 minutes drive away.


Kampot, Cambodia may not be a big name when it comes to tourist locations in the world, but if you are looking for a weekend getaway without spending much, then this is definitely a great place to visit. From the waterfalls, cheap but nice hotels to the motorbike trip down to the mountains and lovely French Colonial Architectures, Kampot is a place to be.
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