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Kep Cambodia and its Hotels and Accommodation

Referred to as Krong Kaeb by the local but generally nicknamed Kep city is municipal in Cambodia. Located Southwest of Phnom Penh which is just a few kilometers from the border with Vietnam. This lovely city was regarded as Cambodia most popular beach location in the past but over the years, it has sort of lost its prestige but this doesn't undermine the fun and tourist sites it has. With thousand of tourist both local and foreigners undertaking the trip down to this old French colonial resort just to have a view of the magnificent mountains, beaches, sunset, butterfly- filled Kep National Park and not forgetting to have a taste of the excellent seafood. Kep City plays host to lots of Boutique hotels which has been home to lots of tourist in the past. Some these hotels include;

  • Spring Valley Resort - Carefully tucked away from the main road, this resort is located around Khum Prey Thom which is a just 5-minute walk from the beach. Its location makes it serene and free from the city noise. With standard features such as free wifi, air conditioned rooms, spacious outdoor pool, and free breakfast. The surrounding is quite inviting with lots of tropical flowers, trees, and also among wild nature since the resort is situated on a hill. For around $40 a night, this resort is definitely a good place to relax and watch nature.
  • Veranda Natural Resort - Regarded by many tourists as a Natural Paradise, this Natural Resort is situated at Kep hillside road. This resort is made from more woods than stones with lovely wooden decorations which reflect the Cambodian style. Veranda Natural Resort features a beautiful pool, with free wifi, air conditioned rooms, free breakfast which contains a wide variety of food, free parking, and an excellent bookstore. The rooms are quite spacious and neat. Visitors are allowed to bring in their pets.
  • Khmer House - Located at Pepper Street just around the Crab market area, this traditionally styled series of bungalows is one of many lovely hotels in Kep City. With rooms having options of a shared or private bathroom, Khmer House gives the visitor a hint of Cambodia housing style. Most of the rooms offer visitors a panoramic view of the mountains and ocean which makes this hotel quite unique. Khmer House also offers visitor art training at their fine art training center. Free wifi is also available to guests.


 Kep City is living up to the Cambodia tourism dreams with lots of tourist attraction locations receiving a facelift in recent times. With lots of waterfalls, lovely nature parks and also tasty seafood, Kep City is definitely waking up to a new phase of tourism development. Accommodations and hotel prices are quite on the low coupled with the natural view most of these hotel offer visitors actually makes Kep City a natural paradise.
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