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Koh Rong Island

Koh Rong Island Cambodia

Koh Rong Island, Cambodia

Koh Rong Island is regarded as the largest Island in Cambodia with about four smaller villages within it. Although Koh Rong is still very underdeveloped and lacks a lot of basic amenities as compared to other places in Cambodia, it's just an Island remember. For the lack of basic amenities such as electricity, roads, good water, hospitals, and no ATM, Koh Rong Island made up for it with beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and mountains. Most visitors to this Island stay mostly on the mainland and enjoy the view of the seaside. The only means of getting to this beautiful Island is by the use of ferries with prices per tickets going for $10. Koh Rong Island may not boast of 5-star hotels, but the views and serenity it has makes visitors want to stay so more amidst the lack of AC, TV, and other amenities. Some of the hotels one can find on this Island that is home to about 1000 inhabitants are;

  • Coconut Beach Bungalows - Located in Derm Tkov Village along the shores of Koh Rong Island. Coconut Beach Bungalow offers although simple but great services to visitors. With a private beach area and 24 hours room/desk services, this lodge is great for couples. Coconut Beach Bungalow is situated just within 24 miles from the Sihanoukville International Airport. Each of the room comes with a fan, mosquito net, traditional oil lamps, and a balcony where guest can sit and view the flowing sea. Guest can enjoy fishing, hiking, and also organize a party within the lodge areas.
  • Palm Beach Bungalow Resort - Palm Beach Bungalow Resort is located within a minute walk from the beach. Just situated along the shores of Koh Rong Island. This resort offers quietness and comfortable accommodation with breathtaking sea views. One of the benefits of this resort is its closeness to Sihanoukville International Airport which is around 28 miles and the Victory Beach and Wat Krom. Palm Beach features a private balcony which offers visitors a full view of the sea, fan cooled rooms, a clothes rack, mosquito nets, and an attached bathroom. Visitors can access this resort by boarding the Palm Beach Ferry which leaves from Sihanoukville Boat station. Visitors can enjoy the private beach area and engage in various activities ranging from fishing, diving, canoeing, and also barbecue spots.
  • High Land Beach Bungalow - High Land Beach Bungalow is one of the many hotels in Koh Rong Island. Situated within 200 yards from the famous Island pier, this rustic but comfortable lodge is made of wood. One of the advantages of this lodge is its closeness to the Sihanoukville International Airport which is just 25 miles from it. High Land Beach features comfortable room with private balcony, and each of the room comes with a fan, mosquito nets, safe, and a writing desk. With free wifi, although network may be poor because of the location of the lodge, High Land Beach visitors are occupied with the many water sports activities.


Koh Rong might be underdeveloped and lack the basic amenities one could find in major cities, but with the various natural attractions and serene environment, this location can never be overlooked because it meets all the characteristics of a peaceful holiday coupled with the low prices of hotels.
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