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TripAdvisor names Angkor Wat the world's top Landmark for 2017

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Angkor Wat

TripAdvisor has named the world's most popular landmark for 2017, and no, it's not Machu Picchu. This year, Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia pipped Peru's bucket-list destination to be the biggest landmark for the year. With more than two million people visiting the site last year, a number that brings in around $US60 million dollars annually to Cambodia.

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4 tips for visiting Siem Reap

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4 tips for visiting Siem Reap. Among the great wonders of the world, the Temples Of Angkor in Cambodia are rather spectacular in their unique appeal. It's a location that's astounded my heart not as soon as yet 3 times currently and also I'm certain I'll be returning there once more one day. With over 50 temples to discover, some concealed in woodland, others standing wonderfully in open areas, there's a whole lot to absorb right here as well as you'll never ever fit everything into one journey.

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visit our guesthouse - Hotel in Siem Reap

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visit our guesthouse - Hotel in Siem Reap

Are you thinking of going for vacation to a destination that relieves you from stress and transports you to that heavenly world of historical bliss? If that is what you intend at doing, then there is no better destination than a tour in Cambodia for experiencing this bliss.

Siem Reap in Cambodia in the literal context means the “Defeat of Siam”. It is the most prosperous region of the contemporary Cambodia. Siem Reap travel has become one of the premier travel destinations because of its close proximity to Angkor Wat temple. One of the most popular reasons as to why people prefer Siem Reap travel from across the globe is because they want to explore over a thousand years of Khmer heritage built near Tonle Sap Lake, the foundation of the economic power of the ancient Cambodian empire. And when the destination is so exotic, you certainly need the best hotel to make your trip memorable. For a mesmerizing stay in the historic town, a comfortable hotel with spa and fresh food is a must and you need the best from all the hotels near Angkor Wat.

Situated in a location that serves as the perfect backdrop in the historic town alongside Siem Reap River, River Village Manor is a fine choice when it comes to choosing hotels near Angkor wat. With the most serene setting along the river, great services and comfy rooms, you will experience bliss in the exclusive services of River Village Manor which is probably one of the relaxed and nicest guesthouse / hotels in Siem Reap.

From the culinary delights and tour of the places around, everything about this place is worthy of travel of miles. Besides the historical temples, Siem Reap travel get a youthful energy from the eclectic array of restaurants, bars and nightclubs that infuse vibrant and youthful energy in this place. Siem Reap, a province in Northwest Cambodia has now become the main hub of the country’s tourism. Tourists are drawn towards the historical beauty and the enchanting atmosphere of Siem Reap and they are ready travel miles for it. And when you travel miles, you would certainly need the best food to make your stay delightful as well. With the freshly prepared foods settings in the restaurant and bar area, you can enjoy delight in every bite at River Village Manor, the best Guesthouse / hotel in Siem Reap near Angkor Wat.

We give our guests the most relaxing experience after a daylong tour in Cambodia. Our food, drinks, pool, rooms everything is carefully designed to make your experience the best until now.

We just can’t wait to make your tour in Cambodia a dream like experience for life. Come and experience the blissful beauty of Cambodia with River Village Manor! Book Now


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Angkor Wat Siem Reap

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It was an early morning start from River Village Manor Guesthouse in Siem Reap, It was a little previous 4:30 AM and I was one of the very first individuals there. It was still nearly pitch black so I had to utilize my cellular phone's LCD show to light the way. Without it, I probably would have tripped and fallen under the moat.

I set up my tripod at the edge of the lake and waited for the sun to rise from behind those iconic 5 spires. At that ungodly hour, I believed I 'd be among the few people insane enough to press myself from bed simply to take a photo. I was wrong.

Within an hour, a little army of amateur professional photographers had actually camped out all along the lake's edge. There should have been several hundreds of us forming 4-5 rows of travelers hoping for that iconic daybreak shot. Such is the magic and allure of Angkor Wat.

A World Heritage site and the World's Largest Religious Monument, it's one of the few locations that you absolutely must see a minimum of once in your life. Here's a first-timer's travel guide that I hope can help you plan that journey.


Cambodia has two seasons-- dry and damp. The wet season is from May to October while the dry season is from November to April.

Flash flooding is a frequent occurence, making travel challenging nevertheless Siem Reap no longer floods and you can get some excellent deals. November to February is the most popular time to go due to the fact that it's the coolest and driest time of the year. We went in December and the crowds at times were unbearable.

For a good balance of weather and number of tourists, June-August is said to be the most perfect. The rain keeps things cooler and less dusty, the landscape is more green, the temple moats are filled, and there are less tourists. Rainy season isn't in full swing yet, with the rain can be found in it appears at an arranged time daily-- early in the afternoon and again at night.


Travelers will be showing up at Siem Reap International Airport (REP). We paid USD 7 each way however it'll most likely be more expensive if you worked with one on the area.

For How Long TO STAY

Siem Reap is all about the Angkor temples. The 3-day Angkor pass need to be enough if you're not out to see every single temple. I 'd state 4-5 nights is enough.


Cambodia is economical, even by Southeast Asian standards. It's one of the most inexpensive countries we've gone to. You can delight in a meal at a fancy dining establishment for $10. Ice cold draft beer can be had for simply 50c a mug.

You can basically live like a king there with a budget of $100 per day, less if you share a room with another tourist. This consists of lodgings, food and beverages, some shopping, transportation, and your Angkor pass. It's so affordable that budget tourists can most likely succeed with as little as $50 each day.

Easily, USD is the de facto currency in Cambodia. It's accepted everywhere. The only time you'll ever see Cambodian Riel is when it's offered to you as small change from USD deals.

River Village Manor is Siem Reap's many lovely Guesthouse with Breakfast consisted of, using one of the best breakfast in town. Why not borrow one of our FREE bicycles?

It was a early morning start from River Village Manor Guesthouse in Siem Reap, It was a little past 4:30 AM and I was one of the first people there. Flash flooding is a frequent occurence, making travel tough nevertheless Siem Reap no longer floods and you can get some fantastic deals. Tourists will be getting here at Siem Reap International Airport (REP). Siem Reap is all about the Angkor temples. River Village Manor is Siem Reap's the majority of captivating Guesthouse with Breakfast consisted of, offering one of the finest breakfast in town.

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Take a Tuktuk to Banteay Srei Temple after Breakfast

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Why not take a tuktuk to Banteay Srei Temple after Breakfast? Banteay Srei is a Temple sometimes missed by tourists on a short stay in Siem Reap and is a little more than 24Km north of River Village Manor. I would suggests starting the day with one of our Full Breakfast setting you up for the day before heading out with one of our Tuktuk drivers.

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Small circuit tour of the Temples of Angkor

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Take a small circuit tour of the Temples of Angkor. Our Tuktuk drivers here at River Village Manor have worked with the Manor for some-time and we are always hearing good feedback from our guests. They will take care of you, take their time when driving you around the Temples of Angkor and will probably catch a nap in the Tuktuk while you explore! We don't rush here at the Manor we like a slower pace of life.
Discover the Kingdom of Wonder where Cambodia’s unique Indian-influenced Khmer culture has remained very much intact. Discover legacy left behind by the once mighty Khmer Empire in the Temples of Angkor.

Explore the streets of Siem Reap Old Market area with a mixture of boutique shops, restaurants, bars and spa's. Visit the Art & Night Markets. 


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