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Stay at River Village Manor in Siem Reap

River village Manor guest house

When in Siem Reap, why not Stay at River Village Manor? Great service, Family friendly and situated in a lovely area

I never anticipated that I would have such a lovely trip when I planned to visit Cambodia earlier in the year. I was convinced by a friend, who had earlier visited Cambodia and shared with me it's rich culture, serene environment and the spiritual awareness of the place. One of the main reasons I enjoyed my stay in Cambodia, was the River Village Manor in Siem Reap.

The River Village Manor which is located along the Siem Reap River is a three story building, and with their free Wi-Fi service, I have access to the Internet. I was picked directly from the airport as the River Village Manor offer a complimentary pickup service from the hotel, talk about being given first-rated service. I felt so much at home with such an accommodation with very attentive workers willing to assist with my tour plans, giving me hints in the best places to visit.

I had a very special relationship with the owners of the River Village Manor, though I can say they were so friendly to all the guest and their breakfast and lunch was top class. The room was spacious with a 32-inch television and a mini bar. The rooms were so comfortable and clean, and I was so comfortable that I almost didn't want to go out after the first night.

I also enjoyed cooling off in the salt water pool available in the hotel most of the afternoons. This is where the heat is at its peak, and I learnt that the pool is always available for use.

Minutes away from Angkor Wat and the Old Market

Before my visit to Cambodia, I read about the Angkor Wat Temple, and fortunately, it was very close to the River Village Manor in Siem Reap. It was just a 20 minutes drive from the Manor. It is one o the most visited tourist attraction in Cambodia, so we did organise a tour from the hotel to the Angkor Wat Temple, as our guide showed us some important sites on the way.

The hotel was very close to the lively pub street and the old market. And on most occasions, we embarked on the 20 minutes' walk to the pub street and old market. There we got to interact with the locals and learn more about them. The locals are fascinating people, and they loved to share information about their rich culture and traditions with us. I was really fascinated with the beautiful antiques that were on sales and bought some hand chains and necklace as a souvenir.

The River Village Manor also have a bicycle available that I did enjoy using for sightseeing as I keep fit also. I can tell you that staying at the River Village Manor was one of the reasons I enjoyed my vacation in Cambodia and I will recommend the place to anyone visiting Cambodia.

I spent eight days in Cambodia, and the River Village Manor provided a home away from home for me. One thing I have learnt about this vacation is that where you stay when you travel goes a long way in determining how you will enjoy that trip.
Discover the Kingdom of Wonder where Cambodia’s unique Indian-influenced Khmer culture has remained very much intact. Discover legacy left behind by the once mighty Khmer Empire in the Temples of Angkor.

Explore the streets of Siem Reap Old Market area with a mixture of boutique shops, restaurants, bars and spa's. Visit the Art & Night Markets. 


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